I Tried Using AI to Create Graphics… It Didn’t Go Well

I’ve been trying out a new AI assistant to help me with my web development projects. It’s called Github Copilot, and it’s supposed to help take some of the load off of me by automating code completion. So far, it’s been really helpful and has saved me so much time with my code!

Sooooo I decided to try something a little different to see if AI could really handle making graphics. I know a lot of artists and graphic designers have expressed concern about AI taking their jobs, so I wanted to see for myself how well artificial intelligence can do. After all, if it can help me code faster and more efficiently, surely it can handle some basic graphic design work too, right? Right?!

I guess Disney/Pixar’s Up didn’t have much of a balloon budget
What did it do to Remy from Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille?! This is nightmare fuel
Beauty and BeaLt
Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast seemed promising until I saw her hands. What’s going on with her hands?!

Welp… your jobs are safe – at least for now! When it comes to creating realistic images, AI isn’t quite there yet. However, artificial intelligence does seem to do okay with abstract and classical artwork styles. But when it has to create something more realistic – like a face or hands – then all bets are off!

Still, I’m having a great time experimenting with the new tech. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll finally hit a home run on a good hand! But for now, I’m happy knowing that my coding projects can still get a nice boost from Github Copilot and my design work is relatively safe.

What do you think?

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