Unique Trophies to Honor Leaders in Travel

A photo of the Club Wyndham entrance sign to a resort

Few people realize that my design work spans multiple mediums, including physical products. If it needs to be designed, I can handle it. And if it needs to be printed, I know vendors that can get the job done.

The Orlando Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for Wyndham Destinations asked me to create a new series of trophies for his top sales managers. He wanted something that was big and exciting but wouldn’t break the bank. Oh, and one more thing: it had to feature “world” or “globe” elements in some way to reflect their team’s name, “One World.”

My response? “Challenge accepted!”

I got right to work on designing something memorable, dynamic and impressive—something that would make people say “Wow!” Now this VP was what I would call, “old school.” He liked suits, mahogany and traditional awards. And while I love modern minimalism, I was up for the challenge to design something beautiful in a classic style.

A photo of the Wyndham Destinations Reunion resort

With the perfect concept in mind, I needed to find someone who could manufacture it. After researching vendors, I finally found a company that could work with me on producing the perfect custom trophies. I gave them a call and explained what I was looking for and the budget we needed to stay within. They said, “Leave it to us!”

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A photo of a Wyndham executive celebrating at an awards dinner

A few weeks later, the all-star sales team of Wyndham Destinations had a set of custom trophies in their hands. The awards were made with a beautiful solid mahogany hardwood case, encasing a stunning crystal globe.

After seeing the final product, the VP told me he was absolutely blown away. As an added bonus, I got to see him distribute the awards in person. There were plenty of “Wows” from the team and priceless expressions of gratitude.

Since then, I’ve gone on to design and create several more series of custom trophies for other VPs at Wyndham Destinations. It’s been a blast getting to work with them and watch their sales teams grow.