The 12 Brand Archetypes

The Ruler

Commanding. Refined. Articulate.
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Louis Vuitton logo
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Power isn't everything. It's the only thing.

The Ruler is confident and responsible and likes to assert his/her authority. Ruler brands like to take charge and they secure positive outcomes and a thriving community by exercising control. They strive to be the best of the best and they come across as polished and serious. Ruler brands inspire trust and loyalty in their target audience. They view themselves as a role model and they encourage their customers to do their best and to take responsibility for their own lives. People crave stability and the Ruler brands will happily oblige and create order from chaos.

The Ruler

Color Palette Example

"You are successful in work and in life. Reward your excellence and your achievements."

The Ruler audience gravitates towards items or services that elevate their status or enhance their image in society. They’re often natural leaders or at the very least high achievers who value special treatment that makes them feel important. The Ruler brands will show their customers how they can be rulers too.

The Ruler

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How to Use This Archetype

You can easily find Ruler brands in the security, technology, finance and governmental sectors. Ruler brands also frequently offer premium products and services. In their communication, they focus on making their audience feel successful or influential. They like to emphasize their sense of power by using an authoritative voice and traditional, sophisticated imagery.

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The Ruler

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