The 12 Brand Archetypes

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Too many companies understate the importance of a strong brand identity and narrative. Your brand might have grown organically throughout the years and lost touch with its core values. Or changing conditions require a shift in your brand story to continue to be relevant and compete in a challenging market.

In a dynamic environment where brand loyalty is rapidly diminishing, not having a clear brand voice will make you unexciting and forgettable. It’s not uncommon that a brand’s message gets watered down and swept up in a whirlwind of advertising clutter, but luckily there is a rather simple fix.

If you are:

  • Looking for a way to develop a strong brand identity that sets you apart from the competition
  • Struggling to build an emotional connection with your customers
  • In need of a powerful brand story that will resonate with your audience and keep you top of mind as a go to brand
  • Looking to occupy a distinctive position in the marketplace

Uncovering the secrets of your brand archetype can help!

Think of brand archetypes as a magical hot sauce. They add some spice to your brand strategy and blend all flavors together in a harmonious whole that your audience will find irresistible.

If you're interested in learning more about how to supercharge your branding and integrate your brand archetype into your business messaging, keep reading below.

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Brian Morrison has a unique ability to tell fascinating brand stories through design, which helps businesses connect with their customers in a meaningful way. His work is both delightful and purposeful, and he is passionate about helping businesses communicate their message effectively.

Brian’s skills as a graphic designer, web designer and brand builder make him an invaluable asset to your business when you’re looking to stand out from the competition.

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