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The Outlaw

Disruptive. Rebellious. Combative.
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Rules are made to be broken.

The Outlaw brands are revolutionaries with a purpose. They are free-spirited souls with a rebellious calling. Their goal is to achieve radical freedom and overthrow anything that isn’t working or that needs to change. The Outlaw archetype attracts attention with disruptive, shocking and destructive acts. These brands resort to a plethora of controversial tactics to expose what’s wrong with the world. They’re unapologetic and they do not shy away from ruffling a few feathers if that’s what it takes to break the mold and get their revolutionary message across. They tend to go all out and they will ensure that everyone knows about it.

The Outlaw is action-oriented, brave and adaptable and provides fresh perspectives and radical changes that inspire. The Outlaw brands position themselves as outsiders who feel it’s unacceptable to be a sheep in society. Socially conscious and opposed to materialism, they’re unconventional thinkers who motivate others to reject negative societal norms.

The Outlaw

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"You don't have to settle for the status quo. First, demand more. Second, go out and get it."

The Outlaw audience rejects dominant culture and is appreciative of controversy. Many of these customers may feel like an outsider and the resulting alienation and loss of faith in conventional choices can result in anger. As such, they’re attracted to the energy of the Outlaw archetype and form an almost cult-like following.

These customers have a tendency to engage in risky behavior and they have a strong craving for freedom. Younger people who are looking to find themselves, especially those who feel alienated, might go straight to the Outlaw archetype, skipping the Explorer altogether. Surprisingly, the Outlaw audience might also consist of well-behaved, law-abiding citizens, the so-called fringe Outlaws, who just need to let off some steam every now and then.

The Outlaw

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How to Use This Archetype

The Outlaw archetype is the ideal match for insurgent brands who strive to make their mark in a field dominated by traditional brands. Outlaw brands play on feelings like anger or mistreatment and their marketing focuses on risk-taking. They apply imagery that may be dark or bold and revolutionary and that represents freedom from convention. Additionally, they use the concept of the outsider to appeal to their target audience, urging them to behave in a certain way.

These brands often walk a fine line as they may be perceived as offensive. In order to successfully respond to their customers, they should gauge their audience’s level of extremism and communicate accordingly. However, an element of certain shock value is frequently included, from a politically incorrect joke or a unique ad with seemingly no real selling point to actual outrageous content intended to shock.

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The Outlaw

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