The 12 Brand Archetypes

The Magician

Mystical. Informed. Reassuring.
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It can happen.

The Magician brands are intelligent, driven and charismatic. They strive to understand the universe and they believe that there is more to the world than can be seen by the naked eye and that any limits we deal with are self-imposed. These brands are also highly intuitive. They provide a unique perspective and are able to envision possibilities. They have access to a vast pool of implicit knowledge and power and are able to manipulate elements to produce the desired outcome. Consequently, the Magician is often regarded as having near mystical qualities.

The Magician brands offer magical moments: transformative experiences that excite, captivate and amaze. Whether it’s making the impossible possible, making dreams come true or turning problems into opportunities, the Magician is a catalyst for change. They harness their knowledge to create something from nothing, leaving others in awe.

The Magician

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"Tomorrow is brighter than today and all your dreams can come true if you believe."

The Magician brands make a promise to individuals that they will make their dreams come true. They will use their impressive skill set to generate a win-win solution for all parties involved. They also address their audience’s deep desire for self-transformation and they empower their customers and motivate them to trust their instincts. The Magician brands offer intriguing products and services designed to help their customers grow wiser and become an agent of change capable of influencing others.

The Magician

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How to Use This Archetype

Many technology brands identify with the Magician archetype. It’s an archetype that also meshes well with any brand that is transformative, user-friendly and that focuses on expanding the mind. It suits brands that aim to provide magical moments or even transform lives. That being said, Magician brands should be mindful that they’re always able to deliver the transformative results that they promised. Marketing-wise, the Magician can charm their audience with imaginative and inspiring advertising.

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The Magician

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