The 12 Brand Archetypes

The Lover

Sensual. Empathetic. Soothing.
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Victoria's Secret logo
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I only have eyes for you.

The Lover brands are all about crafting lasting relationships and fostering intimacy and connection. They appeal to their audience’s emotions, counseling them to follow their heart and indulge their desires. These brands promote togetherness and they enhance their audience’s attractiveness in order to make them feel special. The Lover not only focuses on romanticism and sex, but encapsulates all types of love. They help their audience give and receive love as well as encouraging self-care and self-acceptance.

The Lover also appreciates beauty and celebrates the physical pleasures of being human. These brands entice their audience with enjoyable experiences that please the senses: delicious food, alluring scents, beautiful things, etc. These are brands to choose with your heart, rather than your head.

The Lover

Color Palette Example

"Your stricking beauty is impossible to ignore."

The Lover audience wants to feel special. They want to love a brand that will love them back. They are driven to connect and they make every effort to attract others either by enhancing their appearance or by becoming the best version of themselves. These customers are drawn to the premium products of the Lover brands which are tasteful and charming and which make them feel good about themselves. Customer appreciation is crucial.

The Lover

Real World Branding Example

How to Use This Archetype

Lover brands turn up in many industries but are typically associated with cosmetics, jewelry, fashion and certain types of food. These types of brands use evocative images to speak to the senses and mesmerize their audience with promises of beauty, intimacy, delicate scents and other sensual delights. The focus lies on how the product would make the customer feel.

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The Lover

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