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The Innocent

Optimistic. Honest. Humble.
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Life is simple & simplicity is elegant.

Innocent brands are all about happiness, simplicity and good, clean fun. They are trustworthy and honest, the good guys who strive to do the right thing. Brands of the Innocent archetype are straightforward as they believe in the simplicity of life without hidden agendas or double meanings. The Innocent is the eternal optimist who seeks the good in every person and the silver lining in every situation.

These brands possess the childlike qualities of naivety, purity and a sense of wonder. They are free of corruption and they believe in second chances. The Innocent brands are genuinely concerned with others’ well-being and they appeal to their audience by being open and honest and by providing simple solutions. Due to their hopeful and optimistic nature, they are able to persevere in the face of obstacles that might stop others in their tracks.

The Innocent

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"The most wholesome things in life are unadulterated and pure."

The Innocent audience strives for goodness. They’re drawn to optimistic brands who make life simple and promise an idyllic experience; for example a happy relationship, a fulfilling job or a beautiful home. Once they have found their brand, they remain loyal and trusting. The Innocent customers can be quite traditional and are hence not interested in changes. They will not respond to gimmicky advertising or ads that are guilt-inducing, preferring straight-talking ads instead.

The Innocent

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How to Use This Archetype

The Innocent archetype suits brands associated with honest values, health, cleanliness and natural products. Being concerned with others’ well-being, this archetype is also the ideal brand personality for those who appeal to professional caretakers like therapists, coaches, guides and social workers. The Innocent brands offer a simple solution to any problem that has to do with goodness, morality, nostalgia and childhood. They communicate using natural images and a cheerful, straightforward tone to convey a positive message e.g. renewal; optimism; nostalgia for a simpler age or genuine, happy memories between friends, family or lovers.

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The Innocent

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