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The Caregiver

Caring. Warm. Reassuring.
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Love your neighbor as yourself.

Caregiver brands love to look after people, offering them protection, safety and support. They’re compassionate, reliable and generous and they expect very little in return. The Caregiver is dedicated to the welfare and comfort of others and they empathize with those who are in need or distress. The Caregiver is humble and doesn’t like to show off.

The Caregiver

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"Everyone deserves care and we must all strive to bestow service upon one another."

It is often a tough balancing act for Caregiver customers to take care of others, for instance ageing parents or other dependents or even the world at large, and also take care of themselves. The Caregiver customer likes to be recognized for their efforts as they may feel unappreciated. Caregiver brands can resonate with their audience by addressing their struggles and offering support. To this end, it’s important that the brand demonstrates their worth with actions rather than words. 

The Caregiver

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How to Use This Archetype

The Caregiver is the archetypal brand that helps you help others, that supports families or is associated with nurturing. Obvious examples are charities or non-profits and also typically brands that belong to the public sector, like health care and education. Less obvious brands with this archetype may be automobile brands that focus on safety or brands that specialize in maintenance, cleaning, gardening or general upkeep as they also display nurturing qualities.

The Caregiver brand steers away from aggressive advertising. Instead, they appeal to their target audience with emotionally driven ads and displays of safety and security, sentimentality and happy memories. The brands are often pictured with soothing elements like food, pets, family and the comforts of home.

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The Caregiver

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